Website Designing & Development Services

Ibestsolutions have designed and been instrumental in the creation of many web sites over the years and with each design project we strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients. That is what elicits testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.Designing the web site to suit the clients’ needs is the best method of ensuring satisfied customers. To date Ibestsolutions is proud to say we have not had one unhappy customer!

Ibestsolutions has designed, promoted, and provided consultation services on many web sites for entrepreneurs, large and small businesses, home based businesses, start-ups, families, non-profit organizations.

Affordable Web Site Design Services
An affordable web design service is what you get when Ibestsolutions designs your web site. We will design your web site, help with your web promotion and hosting, and upload your web at a fraction of the cost of comparable web design services.

Our Services

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Design Services
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance

You Need More Than Web Design Services

Ibestsolutions also offers other services in addition to web site design. The creation of your web site is only a part of a successful online presence. We offer everything your web site will need to be successful and effective; therefore, you won’t be faced with having to go through the headache of being charged additional fees or have to hire others for graphic design, banner design, web site promotion knowledge, usability knowledge, and submission services.

We are aware of the problems you are faced with when making an important decision like choosing to place your presence online, so we will go out of our way to make the transition and learning curve as easy as possible.

We follow a 11 step process map to build your website. The various steps as show above are

  • Analyze
  • Quote
  • Contract Sign-Off
  • Gather Content
  • Create Template
  • Design Iteration
  • Finalize Design
  • Create Pages
  • Embed Content
  • Quality Assurance Test
  • Upload Web Hosting

1. Design & development standards:

Industry standards are maintained to provide portable & compatible website solutions as well as allow for ease of modifications & up gradations

2. Aesthetics:

Creative visualizers approve the aesthetic appeal of the design & layout of website

3. User Interface:

End user simulation is performed to ensure user – friendly navigation & flow

4. Integrated testing:

Exhaustive functional tests are performed to verify the desired overall behavior

5. Performance:

State of the art technology is used to ensure optimum performance

Our Standards

We believe that good design should adhere to certain standards. Accordingly, we create websites that are:

1. Attractive

A strong graphic design that is consistent throughout a website gives a sense of coherence as well as aesthetic pleasure. We tailor the graphic design to your specifications and taste.

2. Well Organized:

A well-organized web page takes into account both the nature of the material to be presented and the nature of your audience, making sure that vital information is only a few clicks away. Even a one-page web site benefits from intelligent organization and presentation of material similar to a complex multi-page web site; good organization is absolutely essential.

3. Easy to Navigate:

Exploring a website should be a rewarding experience, not a frustrating one. Intelligent organization not only supports ease of navigation, but it also helps to have the right buttons in the right places. Users should be given a good idea of how to get from one point to another with minimum dead-ends or unnecessary backtracking.

4. Thoroughly Tested:

Our technical team checks the syntax of all codes and verifies all links to ensure that every website we create, works properly. We also proof-read your pages so that they are not marred by mistakes in spelling or grammar.